Concrete Pump Truck

Our 40M concrete pump truck with a Roll & Fold Boom works great for almost every situation.

-Vertical Reach: 131’2”

-Horizontal Reach: 118’4”

-Outrigger Spread Front: 20’8”

-Outrigger Spread Rear: 26’2”

*We also work closely with other pump companies to accommodate any size job you may have

photo 5.JPG

Rear Discharge Mixer Trucks

All of our rear discharge mixer trucks:

-8.5 cubic yards capacity

-Reach 16’ from the back bumper

-Height: 11’ 8”

-Width: 8’

We offer a wide variety of concrete products and mix designs including:

  • Standard residential mixes

  • Specialized commercial mixes

  • 3/8” Exposed Aggregate mixes

  • Colored Concrete

  • Flowable Fill

  • Grout

  • Wall Blocks